Other Important Informations

  1. 1.Educational Loan Facility 

    Bank of India & Union Bank of India have agreed to consider applications for educational loans for pursuing studies at IMM.

    Besides these banks, you can contact the manager of any nationalized/scheduled banks locally, show them our information brochure along with the admission letter, granting a seat to you in order to get education loan, without any margin, on the basis of Semester wise fees schedule indicated, against each course curriculum, in this brochure.

  2. 2. Computer Centre

    IMM has a well equipped Lab with P-IV Computers loaded latest softwares and free flowing Internet. Use of the Lab is absolutely free for all students. 

  3. 3. Library 

    IMM has a well-stocked Digital Library for all the disciplines offered. The Library has over 24,000 books & a collection of 89 national & international Journals, 711 Books in CDs & Multimedia CDs/VCDs. In addition, inter-library loan facilities will also be arranged for the benefit of students. Except for a deposit (refundable) of Rs. 1000, students will be allowed to use the Library, free of cost. The Library will remain open during the hours fixed by the Institute.

  4. 4. Hostel Accomodation

    Hostel accommodation is available separately for boys & girls costing between Rs. 4000 -Rs. 4,500 per month, all inclusive 

  5. 5. Health Centre

    IMM also has a fully equipped health centre with all hi-tech equipments for use of its students & members. IMM also has Indoor & Outdoor recreational facilities including Badminton, Table Tennis, Pool Table, Golf Putter, Board Games & more. 

  6. 6. Cafeteria

    The Institute has an excellent European Café at the Campus with an excellent seating of upto 120. We serve excellent & innovative cuisine at the Café at unbelievably low rates. 

  7. 7. Recreation Centre

    IMM has Indoor & Outdoor recreational facilities including Badminton, Table Tennis, Pool, Indoor Golf, Board Games and more. 

  8. 8. Global Conferences

    All students are to attend these grand global events free of charge organized by IMM every year at a leading Five Star Hotel with delegates from all over the world. Our events are the talk of the town and get covered by the media extensively. 

  9. 9. Placement Division

    A fully active placement cell helps you to get your dream job. Students of all batches are actively involved as members in the placement process.

  10. 10. Young Mangers Forum

    A successor of the Executives' Club enrolls you as a member free of cost upon you taking admission in the institute. The YMF meets over tea with speakers invited from the corporate world for interaction.

  11. 11. Medical Room

    IMM has facility to provide first and as and when necessary on campus. A nurse & doctor are also available.

  12. 12. IMM Membership

    A student registering for a programme should preferably enroll as a member of IMM. Membership Fee (Membership form is attached with the Registration Form) for various categories given below.

    Category Admission Fee Annual Subscription
     Associate Member Rs. 200 Rs. 400
     Professional Member Rs. 300 Rs. 600

    Payment will be made to IMM by DD favoring Institute of Marketing & Management, New Delhi (Details of qualifications and benefits for membership are listed on the IMM Membership Form. Annual membership is valid for a period of 12 months from the month in which application and payment of fees are received).

  13. 13. Re-Registration

    A candidate whose registration is cancelled, due to non-payment of tuition fee by the specified date, due to misconduct, or any other reason whatsoever, will be required to apply for re-registration by payment of Rs. 2000 along with written request. The final decision, however, shall rest with the Institute.

  14. 14. Duplicate Diploma/Degree 

    Duplicate copy of the Diploma/Degree can be obtained on payment of Rs. 5000 and on furnishing the necessary details.

  15. 15. Rights Reserved 

    The Institute reserves the right to change the requirement for admission, graduation, content of course, fees charged or to make any other suitable modification should these be deemed necessary in the interest of the Institute. All disputes are to be settled in Delhi Courts only.

    The Institute also reserves the right to drop any programme on account of administrative and other constraints. If a Course is dropped before commencement of the programme, students will be refunded all fees paid by them. If a course is dropped in the midst of the programme due to circumstances beyond the control of the Institute, students will be refunded (after one year) fees paid in advance for the remaining part of the programme. If a Course is, however, dropped in the mist of the programme due to student agitation, non-attendance or poor attendance, fees paid by the students will not be refunded.

    The Institute will, however, try to help innocent students to complete an inter-related course through correspondence material (and, if possible, through occasional contact programmes) in order to avoid disturbance of academic atmosphere by unwanted elements.

    Any concession achieved from the management under coercion will not be regarded as binding on the Institute.

    The Institute also reserves the right to drop from its roll, at any time a student whom it deems unsatisfactory for any reason. Students are expected to behave with decorum and to conform to the regulations of the Institute. Unethical or undesirable conduct which is inconsistent with general good order, wherever it may occur, is held to be a sufficient ground for discharge. 

  16. 16. Attendance Requirements

    A candidate shall be considered eligible for taking a Semester Examination if he/she besides other things, has attended 90% of the total number of lectures, tutorials and seminars conducted in the Semester. A candidate will not be allowed to proceed to the next Semester if he/she falls short of the required percentage, except with the permission of the Executive President or his nominee.

  17. 17. Methods of Instruction

    The medium of instruction and examination shall be English. Methods of instruction shall very with the nature of the Course and the stage of its exposition to a particular group. The programme may be implemented through one or more of the following techniques:
    • Classroom lectures for theoretical input.

    • Workshops/tutorials for individual attention and removal of difficulties in small groups.

    • Seminars by students for making presentations to build up self-confidence.

    • Visits to plants and offices for practical orientation.

    • Group discussion for interaction and development of communication skills.

    • Case studies for applications to industrial and business situations.

    • Assignments for testing and developing student's capability of written communication.

    • Guest lectures by experts for sharing advanced knowledge and their experiences.

  18. 18. Special Programmes

    In a rapidly changing business environment, the traditional definition of a Manager is no longer applicable. Success in business depends on managerial skills and today's Managers must have a varied array of skills and talent. In order to foster professionalism at an early stage and recognizing the crucial role training plays in this changing environment, IMM provides excellent for a for students to build and enhance their strengths. Students will be required to attend:

    • Meetings of the Young Management Wizards for free and frank interaction with top notch professionals. 

    • Special Workshops/Seminars for exposing students the concept of effectiveness, and to identify key success factors for developments as a successful manager.

    • International Conferences for coming into grip with new technology, new global economic and social changes that are affecting business worldwide. 

  19. 19. Examination System & Promotion

    The maximum marks allotted to most of the subjects shall be 100. Of these 20 shall be reserved for internal assessment which shall be based on class-room participation, tests and home assignments. The weightage to each of these shall be decided by the faculty concerned at the beginning of the Semester.

    The remaining 80 marks in each subject will be for a Written Examination for each subject for which time allowed shall be three hours, unless indicated otherwise.

    A Written Examination will be conducted by IMM on each subject, at the end of each Semester. In order to complete the Examination successfully, students are required to obtain a minimum of 45% marks in each subject and 50% marks in aggregate, for each Semester separately. Those who pass the examination with 75% marks or more will be awarded Distinction/Outstanding. Papers for the Final Examination will be set and evaluated by the Institute's Examiners.

    A student who has secured minimum pass marks in aggregate for any Semester Examination can re-appear in any paper, in order to improve the marks.

    Candidates who clear minimum 60% of the papers offered for each Semester shall be admitted to the subsequent Semester. The subject in which candidates do not qualify for a pass percentage shall have to clear in the subsequent Semester.

    Those students who do not pass the minimum 50% of the paper of each Semester will be required to re-appear in all the subject of the Semester.

  20. 20. Compartment and Supplementary Examination

    Students are required to pass all the subjects in the relevant Course to qualify for the Diploma. Compartment will be granted to students who pass at least 60% of the subject in each Semester failing which they are required to reappear in all the subjects of the Semester.

    Candidate who are granted a compartment and allowed to reappear in any of the subjects will be required to pay the reexamination fee of Rs. 750 per subject.

  21. 21. Re-Evaluation Fee 

    On request, answer papers can be re-evaluated on payment of Rs. 500 per paper. The request should be made within two weeks of announcement of the result.

  22. 22. Evaluation System for Courses

    Internal Assessment 20 marks Per subject
    Semester Exam 80 marks Per subject
    Project Report 100 marks
    Viva Voce on Project Report 100 marks
    Thesis 400 marks
    Viva Voce on Thesis 200 marks

  23. 23. Grading System

    The following Grading System shall be used : 

    75% & above O (Outstanding)
    65%- 74% A
    56%- 64% B
    50%- 55% C
    Less than 50% Fail

    In order to be entitled to receive Diploma/Certificate/Final Marksheet, a student registering for a particular Course shall need to complete the Course successfully. No Certificate/ Mark Sheet whatsoever shall be issued otherwise. 

  24. 24. Conduct and Discipline 

    • Students are required to carry at all times their Identity Cards and produce them for identification when requested to do so by a member of the Faculty/Staff Member of IMM. 

    • Students should behave with propriety within the classes and within the precincts of the Institute. They will not loiter about or congregate while the classes are in progress. They are expected to report in the classroom before commencement of the lecture. 

    • The grant of the term will be based on active participation of the students in the entire programme of lectures, tutorials, seminars, visits to plants and offices, mid-semester examinations, etc. Regularity and punctuality with regard to attendance is a "Must". 

    • In case a student is found to remain absent for some reason, he will be required to take prior permission of the Executive President or his nominee in this respect. Absence from the class should be immediately communicated and, wherever necessary, an application should be submitted to IMM with a medical certificate.

    • Attendance is compulsory at all Tests, Examinations, and Classes, including Seminars, Guest Lectures, Executives' Club Meetings etc... as per the Institute's time table. Attendance and work of students in Seminars, Classes, Guest Lectures, etc. and also progress at the Institute's Examinations will be taken into consideration while granting their terms and deciding their eligibility for Final Examinations. 

    • A student should read the notice board relating to the time table, studentship, etc. The Institute accepts no responsibility for loss of any advantage by a student on account of his/her failure to read notice board in time.

    • Vehicles of the students should be parked only in those areas provided for that purpose. The Institute accepts no responsibility for their safe custody.

    • Any change in the address of student must be notified in writing to the Institute's office. 

    • Students must not engage themselves in political work in the Institute's premises.

    • Student should not communicate without prior permission of Executive President, any information or write about any matter dealing with the Institute's administration or any other aspect to the press.

    • If, for any reason, continuance of a student on the rolls of the institute is, in the opinion of the Executive President or his nominee, detrimental to the best interest or discipline of the Institute, he may direct such a student to leave the Institute. The decision of the Institute shall be final and will bind the student concerned.

    • Students joining the institute are required to abide by all the Rules, Regulations and Instructions that may be issued by the Institute's authorities from time to time and to submit to the normal enforcement of the same to the satisfaction of the Institute's authorities, whose decision in all matters shall be final and the same shall not be called in question on any ground whatsoever. 

  25. 25. Training Kit 

    Training Kit in the form of Latest Laptop, Text Books, Writing Pads, Stationery, Pouch, Bag, Calculator, Floppies, Folders etc. shall be provided by the Institute to the students as also case studies as and when required. Students shall also be provided with a list of reference books for each Course.

  26. 26. Project Report/Thesis 

    Students of all the Course are required to submit Project Reports on Industry / Case Studies, during the course of the Programme, with a view to give each student an opportunity to apply systematically, the techniques and knowledge acquired in the course of study. Faculty will guide the students in preparing the Project Report.

    The Project Report/Thesis submitted to the Institute shall become the sole property of IMM and prior permission of the Institute shall have to be obtained by its author for its publication or use otherwise. Students will also undergo a Viva-Voca Examination on the Project/Thesis submitted by them & shall also be required to defend their Project Report/ Thesis at the time of such Examination.

  27. 27. Faculty

    • Course Director: Each Course is guided by an expert, highly qualified both academically and experience-wise, as the Course Director.

    • Teaching Staff: The Core faculty consists of specialists in various disciplines who are on the teaching staff of the Institute on full-time basis.

    • Part-Time Faculty: IMM also engages, part-time faculty members for each Course from amongst senior administrators from Government, professionally qualified and experienced practising managers from industry; distinguished academicians, researchers and consultants.

    • Visiting Faculty: In addition, Special Lectures by visiting faculty, from amongst experts from within India and overseas, are also arranged to induct profundity in the Course.

    • Coordinator: Administrative aspect of Courses is looked after by a professionally qualified senior officer of IMM as a coordinator.