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Mr. Alexander Tschaptt, The Mayor of the city of Berne welcoming the delegation from India for the Swiss IMDP-Scaling the Alps'.


Dr. Jagjit Singh, Founder & Executive President, IMM presenting his views on "Cultural Aspects of International Business-The, Indian and Asian Perspective".

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Ms. Christian Schuwey, Head FX Distribution for Wealth Management, UBS speaking on the policies of her company


Mr. Jean-Philippe Devaux, VP, Head of Foreign Investments, Berne Economic Development Agency highlighting the attractiveness of Berne for foreign investments.

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Dr. Jagjit Singh, Founder & Executive President, IMM thanking Mr. Abhinav Tripathi, Ambassador from India to Switzerland for hosting a Welcome Dinner for the delegation.


Prof. Roger Wild from Institute of Direct Marketing, UK looking happy to participate in the IMDP.

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Participants of the IMDP 'Scaling the Alps' in rapt attention.

Dr. Jagjit Singh, presenting a memento to Mr. Rohit Lamba, Assistant. VP, NDTV as a part of the Raffle Draw.

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Mr. J.C. Srivastava from Indian Marchants' Chamber looking glade to receive a prize from Dr. Jagjit Singh, as a part of the Raffle Draw. Prof. Marco Casanova looks on.


Dr. Gaganjit Singh, Director General, IMM and Dr. Jagjit Singh, Founder & Executive President, IMM with an entrepreneur from Switzerland.

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An impressive mix of Indian business delegates along with their counterparts from Switzerland and other countries endorsing the success of the IMDP.


Dr. Jagjit Singh, thanking the Minister of the Deptt. of Economic Affairs, Member of the Govt. of the Cantonment of Berne for the sumptuous dinner.